Which Celebrity is Banned from Playing Blackjack At The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino?

Which Celebrity is Banned from Playing Blackjack At The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – In current days, award-winning writer, actor and director Ben Affleck (Chasing Amy, Good Will Hunting, Argo) made surfs in the press for his card-playing prowess. This was not the World Series of Poker he was overcoming.

This was blackjack. Decided, it sounds like he was doing justly well for himself. But while he was thrashing the game itself, the bigger game stepped in his path and said, “Get lost.” 

Unlike playing against a table full of guys in hoodies, Affleck was playing against “the house.” The house sets the game, the house sets the rules, but eventually, the house all too frequently fixes the game by playing you for a fool, only to run you off when you call the bluff.

Which Celebrity is Banned from Playing Blackjack At The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino?

Which Celebrity is Banned from Playing Blackjack At The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

If you want to know more about being banned from playing blackjack at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino then read this article carefully.

What Really Occurred at the Hard Rock?

As we know, Affleck was just playing blackjack in the high-limit room at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a time was told he was great at the game, and while he was guided that he was welcome to play any other games in the house, he was no longer welcome to play blackjack. Now, lest you think this is code for, “You’ve won too much money,” it is not. The Vegas casinos can handle personality action. They, in fact, crave it. “Too good” is like a code for, “You are using common sense to turn the tables on our sweet, sweet cruel benefit over you, and we don’t like it one bit.” A similar thing has happened to me in the same high-limits room at the same casino, not to reference time and again at blackjack tables across the country. 

As suspicious as that might be, please be clear. Nothing Affleck did was unlawful. So-called news outlets proposed that Affleck was “under investigation,” suggesting that some kind of less-than-admirable legal entanglement had followed him out the door.

Not even the Hard Rock wants you to believe that. They rapidly released a statement that Affleck remains welcome and that it is the policy of the hotel to “not comment on any casino customer’s gaming play.”

They do really mean that he is welcome. Of course, that part of it has to do more with the PR nightmare they carried on themselves than anything else. But still, they are always pleased to have him or anybody else with money to burn out there on the gaming floor. so long as the casino can keep its arithmetical edge intact while they do it. 

What other disreputable moments from Ben Affleck?

This man dears to stir up drama, and while his golden years and birth of his children carried along a level of maturity that we hadn’t seen in Ben before, it didn’t take the entire game out of the player.

Here are some other dishonors Affleck has been involved in:

  • Dishonest to actress Jennifer Garner, his wife of X years, with their kid’s nanny in 2015. Of course, this one has never correctly been confirmed and likely never will. But Affleck was seen around with the nanny, producing numerous news outlets to pick up on the story.
  • Rekindling his passion from 25 years ago with Jennifer Lopez. The comeback no one really saw coming. In 2021, after both Ben and Jennifer split from their individual partners, rumors started going around that the IT couple of the 2000s were back together. It turns out there weren’t just rumors at all but facts. They complete their re-debut as a couple when they walked the 2021 Met Gala red carpet together. The two wedded in Las Vegas on July 16, 2022.
  • Numerous stints in rehab for alcoholism, and a little very public setback in late 2019. While relapse is nothing to be embarrassed by during a hard journey toward recovery, inappropriately for Ben, his was very much public. He was caught stumbling drunk outside of a Halloween party by a set of paparazzi.

What other personalities are banned from places and events?

Eager for a bit more drama after reading about Ben’s? Here are some other celebrities that have also been banned from precise places or big events.

  • Harrison Ford is excluded from China for speaking up in favor of Tibet. Relationships between China and Tibet have never been decent, and China is recognized for having no issues banning those who speak up against them in any means or form. Particularly, Ford isn’t the only personality banned from the country due to taking a stand against them. Sharon Stone and Richard Gere were as well.
  • Adrien Brody is excluded from SNL for not following the provided script and deciding to do a racist impression straight-up live. We would have banned him too.
  • Donal Trump has been excluded from Twitter after the platform decided his tweets were considered provocative and inciting violence. He has been lastingly suspended from the social media platform and will never be able to join again under his own name.
  • A double whammy for Donald Trump. The previous president of The United States of America has also been banned from the fashion event of the year – the Met Gala. While Ana Wintour, who’s in charge of the event, has never openly stated why he’s been banned, there’s some assumption that it could have a direct relation to both her and Trump’s political stands.

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